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Visual and Performing Arts

From Kindergarten through 5th grade, MCS students discover and express their God-given talents in the areas of music, band, choir, and visual art. Personal expression, creative thinking, imaginative communication, and intellectual curiosity are realized through the transformational opportunities experienced by our students through our educational program that lead our students to a greater appreciation of God’s creation.

Performing Arts Programs

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  • Band

    Students have the option to join Band beginning in 4th grade. Classroom subject content is partnered with Sound Innovations (curriculum), repertoire (concert music), and SmartMusic (online music software). Students gain an understanding heart on what it means to worship and praise the Lord (Psalm 150). Students serve and engage with the community through local concerts, competitions, and events. MCS has 2 Bands:

    Beginner Band (No experience required)
    Advanced Band (At least 1 year of experience)
  • Elementary Music

    Mrs. Dorothy Pietrowicz is our talented Elementary Music Teacher. Mrs. Pietrowicz is no stranger to MCS as her daughter was a student here before she started teaching our Kindergartners music 15 years ago. 
    Having earned her bachelor of science degrees in Bible/Theology and Music from William Jessup University, Mrs. Pietrowicz is a perfect match for MCS and for teaching music to our students. Speaking on her longevity as a MCS staff member, Mrs. Pietrowicz explained, “One of the reasons why I love teaching at MCS is that this school understands that music is important for the ‘littles’ as well as the big kids, and that music teaches us about life and God and enhances all aspects of learning.”

    Mrs. Pietrowicz loves to see her students grow in their love for music. Reflecting on her goals for this coming year, she said, “I desire to help our students find joy in learning about, listening to and producing music. I hope they find music brings purpose, and I pray they learn to know God as they become lifelong worshippers.” 

    With Mrs. Pietrowicz leading the way, our community will be singing new songs of celebration and joy this year. 
    For more information, please contact: 
    Dorothy Pietrowicz: dpietrowicz@milpitaschristian.org

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