Summer Tutoring

Summer Personal Tutoring
June 5 - July 28

Entering Grades K - 9th

Our Summer Personal Tutoring Program helps students learn without distractions.  Students can review challenging subjects or strengthen their skills for the upcoming school year.  They will review  popular topics such as Math, Language Arts, Reading Fluency/Comprehension, Writing, English Language Learning (ELL) and Early Literacy skills (Grades K-2nd), or work on additional topics such as study skills and organization. All sessions are prearranged and by appointment with experienced Staff.

(Wednesdays - no tutoring; students enjoy a field trip)

Choose your week or weeks -  Week 1 thru Week 8  

8:00am - 4:00pm
$50 per session
Minimum of 4 45-min. sessions

Contact Us

Dona Murphy
Summer Day Camp Coordinator 
408-945-6530 ext 127
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