About SAM Camp

Since 2009, Milpitas Christian School has partnered with SAM Camp, a one-week summer Science, Arts & Math camp for kids in grades 1-12. The camp is filled with fun, hands-on learning activities in a safe, friendly environment. SAM Camp is designed to bring out and nurture the talents and abilities in each child and stimulate them to be successful in the new school year.

The next SAM Camp is July 31 to August 4, 2023.

Registration will open on  April 15th, 2023!
For more information visit http://www.samcamp.org/

A Love of Learning and Respect

SAM Camp strives to instill a love of learning and community in the children and to teach them to enjoy the order and beauty in creation that could only have come from God's infinitely creative mind. While taught from a biblical perspective, it is not specifically religious. Children of all religious and non-religious backgrounds are welcome to attend and will be treated with respect.

A gift to the community

SAM Camp is designed as a gift to our community. All staff are volunteers and scholarships are provided for those who cannot afford the fee. While registration fees cover some of the expenses, SAM Camp depends on donations to cover the balance.
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Health & Safety Protocols