Our teachers and staff focus on providing a well-rounded education, where children can reach their full potential in all areas of life; social, emotional, physical, spiritual and academically. We join efforts with parents to educate the whole child.

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  • Math

    The elementary math program uses the Singapore Math approach across the elementary grades. This pedagogy prepares students to understand numerical relationships, concept skills, plus multiple strategies for data analysis with real-world problem-solving. 

    The curriculum is based on Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Math in Focus: Singapore Math series.
  • Language Arts

    The Language Arts program in grades K-5 combines the skills of reading, comprehension, writing, grammar, speaking and listening, vocabulary, study skills and spelling within the context of an entertaining piece of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. This program is designed to integrate across the curriculum. Activities in social studies, math, science, and health and safety are incorporated.
  • Bible

    Memory work and application is an integral part of the curriculum at each grade level.

    K - Familiar children’s stories and heroes from the Bible
    1st - Familiar Bible truths that emphasize God's relationship to people
    2nd - Bible characters and positive character traits exhibited throughout the Bible
    3rd - The life of Christ and missions (spreading the message of the gospel)
    4th - Biblical doctrines and Bible study tools
    5th - Overview of the Old Testament with a focus on biblical character traits
  • Science

    The science program is designed so that students have sufficient time to develop a deeper understanding of essential ideas rather than a superficial acquaintance with many isolated facts. This program is aligned to state standards. At each grade level, units are divided among Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science, with many hands-on activities.
  • Social Studies

    The social studies program in Kindergarten focuses on the various holidays, discussed from a Christian perspective and celebrating our cultural diversity.

    For students in grades 1-5, historical events are presented within a chronological and geographical context. They learn about the significant people, places and events that have shaped California and the entire United States. It is written to align with the state standards.

    The curriculum is enriched with various field trips, programs and special days that help to make the subject come alive and memorable.
  • Technology

    Classroom subject content is integrated with the core technology skills students will need to succeed in the competitive work world they will face as adults. The ISTE standards for students are the foundation of our curriculum. MCS uses the G Suite platform to deliver instructon and build technology skills. 

    Students learn: 
    1. Basic operations & concepts
    2. Digital citizenship
    3. Technology productivity tools
    4. Technology communication tools
    5. Technology graphic design tools
    6. Technology collaboration tools
    7. Technology problem-solving and decision making tools
    8. The engineering and design process
    9. Computer Science discovery & fundamentals
    10. Robotics
  • Music

    All elementary students participate in the music education program at MCS. The selected curriculum presents music theory and cultural lessons. Third-grade students learn to play the recorder for 10 weeks culminating in a spring concert.

    Students in grades 4-5 have the option to join Band. Classroom subject content is partnered with Sound Innovations (curriculum), repertoire (concert music), and SmartMusic (online music software). Students gain an understanding heart on what it means to worship and praise the Lord (Psalm 150). Students serve and engage with the community through local concerts, competitions, and events.
  • Art

    Students grade 1-5.
  • Physical Education

    The objective of our physical education program is to help develop a heart for God, a heart for classmates, and a strong, healthy heart. Students will participate in a number of age appropriate activities stressing skills development, teamwork, cooperation, and fitness. The selected curriculum emphasizes learning in the physical, intellectual and decisional domains. Students in grades 1-5 participate in the President’s Physical Fitness program.
  • Outdoor Education

    4th Grade – Students participate in an overnight trip to California’s gold country in conjunction with the social studies curriculum. Activities are historically based with hands-on experiences with various gold mining techniques. Accommodations include cabin type lodging (bunk beds), indoor plumbing and meals are served cafeteria style.

    5th Grade – Students participate in a 4-day, 3-night trip in the redwood forests near the city of Sebastopol, CA in conjunction with the science curriculum. Hands-on activities address basic survival skills and life science topics. Accommodations include cabin type lodging (bunk beds), indoor plumbing and cafeteria-style meals.
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