Since 1974, Milpitas Christian School (MCS) has been equipping our students with a Christ-centered education based on the Word of God. Although not all students who attend have already placed their faith in Christ, those with open hearts and spirits will find a safe environment to ask questions and pursue their spiritual quest.

Our Mission

Equipping followers of Christ to transform their world. We honor God by partnering with parents and churches to provide a well-rounded, excellent education with a biblical worldview. We prepare students for a lifetime of learning, service to their communities, leadership, and future success.

Our Purpose

We desire to provide the best academic education using proven current and traditional teaching methods, tools, and technologies. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are balanced with an exposure to music, drama, art, physical, and outdoor education.

Our students receive a Christian worldview in all subjects to maximize their God-given potential and to appreciate beauty in His creation. We seek to bring students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to disciple them in Biblical truth and to apply it in their daily lives. Christian character development is a prime goal at Milpitas Christian School. Using Biblical guidelines, we strive to provide the foundation of a strong Christian character leading to self-discipline.

Our Core Values

At Milpitas Christian School we:
  • Value the Bible as the true Word of God
  • Pray because our lives depend on it
  • Model Christian ethics by applying a biblical worldview in all activities
  • Partner with parents to maximize the God-given potential of each child 
  • Create a thirst for life-long learning  
  • Are culturally sensitive in all that we do
  • Communicate openly and effectively, respecting each person's uniqueness before God
  • Apply a biblical worldview in all activities

We Believe in Educating the Whole Child

Preparing your child for balanced success in a diverse and complex world.

To prepare children to be the next generation of leaders, Milpitas Christian School educates the whole child - spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally. From the initial God-given vision for a preschool in 1973, to the establishment of an elementary and middle school, to our upcoming high school, MCS serves as a Christ-centered outpost in Silicon Valley.

Our academic program, while stressing basics, provides a wide range of studies using both traditional and current methodology. Along with learning facts, we focus on developing logical, biblical, creative and complex thinking skills and the ability to communicate clearly and concisely in both written and oral form.

We provide a progressive, future-oriented program, incorporating the most current information about skills and needs of the future with the biblical moral values we cherish. We seek to develop healthy, spiritually dynamic, mentally alert, academically prepared individuals, ready to not only interact meaningfully with each other but to lead with purpose and passion.

Philosophy of Christian Education

Milpitas Christian School is dedicated to a philosophy of education based upon the word of God. The purpose of the school is to glorify God by partnering with parents to achieve academic excellence, spiritual maturity, and the emotional, physical and social development of children. - Download a PDF