Resource Center

Milpitas Christian School is committed to meeting the needs of all their students. One way is through our Resource Center. Staffed with highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff, we meet in a one-to-one environment, and are able to design the sessions to fit the individual needs of each student using curriculum and strategies that are current and have been well-vetted by the educational and scientific communities.

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Yao

Gifted and Special Services

MCS also offers the Renaissance Club for highly qualified students in grades 3 through 5. After school classes are rooted in the sciences or humanities such as CSI Crime Investigating or MCS Flea Market Flip. Students are also invited to compete in Odyssey of the Mind, a program where students develop creative problem-solving skills using real-world problems.

The Resource Center is not a special education program, but we do offer a selection of services for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. We work to satisfy the requirements in IEPs and 504 plans developed by doctors, therapists, and public school officials.

How We Support Students

  • Direct access to all classroom teachers and curriculum
  • Available in-classroom learning devices include adjustable tables, tools, and sound systems
  • Sensory Room offers a safe, comfortable environment for students to regulate themselves (calm down or perk up)
  • Services are conveniently available on-site. Parents do not need to make separate pick-up/drop-off arrangement
  • In person
  • Provide support to help students understand homework assignments
  • Equip students to develop study skills
  • Come alongside students who are learning the English language
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Milpitas Christian School accepts students of all races and nationalities and does not discriminate in any of its programs based on gender, race, or national origin.

Health & Safety Protocols