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The program for three-year-olds at Milpitas Christian Preschool offers both a part-time and a full-time developmentally age appropriate program.

Preschool Program for Three-Year-Old Children

Our classrooms for three-year-olds offer opportunities to develop the whole child, as we continue to lay the foundations for learning through the development of each child intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Fine motor development continues through teaching the children lacing, scissor skills, beading, and coloring during small group times and through each classroom’s writing center. On a typical preschool day, your child might be seen riding a trike or scooter in the trike area, or mastering the climbing structure in the shady playground, which leads to continued gross motor development.

The low staff to child ratio of 1:8 in our program facilitates learning and confidence in three year-old children as they learn the daily routines in the classroom, how to follow directions, and continued social and emotional skills through play. As the children are taught to recognize many of the letters of the alphabet and the sounds the letters most commonly make, they continue to become Effective Communicators. Through both small and large group instruction, our three year-olds work with numbers, colors, shapes, and a monthly spatial concept. These intellectual goals help our children to be Creative and Complex Thinkers. Bible stories, songs, and prayer, provide opportunities for the children to learn how much God loves them, leading them to be Followers of Christ. Your child will be prepared and ready for our program for Four-Year-Olds.
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