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Milpitas Christian School (MCS) offers excellent academics with a balanced approach to learning. We prepare students for a lifetime of learning, service to their communities, and future success.
One of the most important challenges for every teacher is to motivate their students. Our experienced teachers, coaches, and specialists know how to activate each child's innate curiosity to explore and to learn.

Our information-based, high technology world needs critical thinkers with problem-solving skills. MCS offers a learning environment that encourages exploration and stimulates creativity. Science discovery and exploration begins in preschool and advances to earth science and life science in middle school. Technology is first integrated into Grade 1 curriculum. Engineering (robotics, coding) builds upon the foundation in the earliest grade. Our Singapore Math program spans Grades 1-5.

As an independent, non-denominational Christ-centered school, we collaborate with parents and churches to provide a well-rounded education with a biblical worldview. Although not all of our families have already placed their faith in Jesus Christ, students with open hearts and spirits will find a safe environment to ask tough questions and pursue their spiritual quest.

Outstanding Academics

Our smaller classes (and low teacher-student ratio) means faster, more focused learning with less noise and fewer distractions. Each student has more individual time with the teachers (music instructors and personal tutors) and demonstrate higher achievement than their peers. NCTE reported, "In smaller classes students tend to be as much as one to two months ahead in content knowledge, and they score higher on standardized assessments."

Parent Ambassador Program

It’s our passion to be in close communication with the MCS parents and families.  Each classroom has a parent volunteer who works closely with the teacher to: 
  • Help facilitate communication of school wide events, news, updates
  • Liaison for field trip organization and class activities
  • Help build community and fellowship within the classroom & among parents
  • Act as an advocate for the school, school recruitment and retention
  • Welcome new families and students to your grade

Dedicated Teachers

Gifted with a passion and talent to lead students to a high level of learning, our teachers help students to develop a deep love for learning. Each teacher and staff person was chosen for his/her heart to nurture and develop the next generation of leaders. With fewer students per teacher, children have more opportunities to ask questions and have more meaningful interactions.

Educating the Whole Child

Children, created in the image of God, deserve a complete education for their mind (mental), heart (emotional), soul (spiritual) and body (physical). In the early grades, the emphasis is on a developmental approach to learning. We assist students to become good citizens. Our music, drama, art and physical skill developments help children appreciate beauty in God's creation. By learning to express their creative impulses in pleasing ways, students develop healthy habits and a sense of Christian fellowship and sportsmanship.

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Milpitas Christian School accepts students of all races and nationalities and does not discriminate in any of its programs based on gender, race, or national origin.

Health & Safety Protocols