Spiritual Life

Spiritual life at MCS permeates through our entire school program because we desire our students to grow and mature in their faith, knowledge, and love for God according to Matthew 22:34-40.

In this passage, Jesus tells us that what is most important to God can be boiled down to these two commandments:
"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul. You shall love others as yourself."

Chapel Program

Chapels are filled with enthusiastic students who are eager to learn more about their faith in Jesus Christ. These years are critical in the lives of these young adolescents and therefore, youth pastors who have the gift and the knack for communicating biblical truths in a relevant and meaningful way are often our speakers in our chapels.
How an MCS education equips our students to grow in their Christian faith:

- We hire faculty who are passionate about students and we equip them to model Christ in their lives and to integrate a biblical worldview in their instruction
- Because the Word of God is the foundation of our faith, we offer biblical instruction in our Bible classes and across the curriculum
- We invest time in worshipping God at our weekly chapel programs
- We take our faith and put it into action as we reach out to others through outreach and community service activities
- We pray (praising, thanking, confessing, and making our requests known to God) throughout each school day
- We respect and care for each other no matter what race or gender as Christ said, “the world will know that we are Christians by our love for one another”

Worship Team

For our students who are blessed with musical talent, we have a place for them to take ownership and leadership in leading our students in worship during chapel. It is never too early or too late to become involved in an important area such as leading worship and we have been blessed at MCS with students who have a heart for the Lord.
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Milpitas Christian School accepts students of all races and nationalities and does not discriminate in any of its programs based on gender, race, or national origin.

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