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Contract Agreement
By signing and submitting this form, you are agreeing to the terms of our tutoring program as described below.
1. One-on-one tutoring sessions are 45 minutes in length and are designed to meet the specific instructional and academic needs of the individual student.
2. During Remote Learning, all tutoring sessions will be held after school. Tutoring will be offered both remotely and in-person. Once we are back on campus, tutoring will be held on campus during regularly scheduled school hours. After school sessions are dependent on tutor availability.
3.  Tutoring sessions are scheduled by the head of the Resource Center.
4. Thirty (30) day notice, in advance, is required to terminate the contract. The student account will be adjusted based on the actual number of scheduled sessions.
5. Thirty (30) day notice will be given when the student is ready to graduate from the Learning Lab Program with account adjustments applied.
6. Tutoring reports will be issued at the same time as progress reports and report cards. Parent conferences are scheduled upon request.
7. Sessions missed due to illness or school field trips can be rescheduled with notification to the Learning Lab by 7:30 AM the day of the illness or field trip. Failure to notify the head of the Resource Center ( before 7:30 AM the day of absence will result in an unexcused absence and the session will be billed. Earlier notice is preferred for field trips. Notify the 
8. Student accounts will be billed for unexcused absence from a session due to family vacation, medical/dental appointments, detentions, suspensions, or non-MCS related activities or non-emergency conflicts.
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