• July

    Milpitas Christian School Wins “Best in Silicon Valley” Award

    MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA – Residents in Silicon Valley and the East Bay have once again voted Milpitas Christian School (MCS) to be the best in the valley. For the second year in a row, MCS won the coveted “Best Tutoring and Learning Center” award for its tutoring and support services. 

    “Milpitas Christian School is pleased to be honored by the Silicon Valley community,” stated Clark Gilbert, Head of School and Principal for Milpitas Christian School. “Our faculty and staff are committed to meeting the needs of all our students. When any student needs help with homework assignments or study skills, the Resource Center team knows how to use curriculum and the best teaching practices to help our students succeed.”

    The Best Tutoring and Learning Center

    The Resource Center is a comfortable and friendly place for students to get the help they need with specific classes and projects. From learning English to satisfying the requirements in IEPs and 504 plans, the staff has the experience to design sessions to fit the specific needs. Even furniture accommodations, including height-adjustable tables and wiggle stools (to reduce restlessness and fidgeting), are available.

    The Sensory Room offers a safe, comfortable environment for students to regulate themselves (calm down or perk up). A wide range of objects and activities provide choices for self-regulation. Students are coached to identify the situations where they need to take the necessary steps to continue learning in the classroom and interacting with other students.

    MCS also offers the Renaissance Club for highly qualified students in grades 3 through 8. After school classes are rooted in the sciences or humanities such as CSI Crime Investigating or MCS Flea Market Flip. Students are also invited to compete in Odyssey of the Mind, a program where students develop creative problem-solving skills using real-world problems.

    “With direct access to all classroom teachers and curriculum, MCS offers convenient, integrated services for our students,” explained Kathy Yao, Director of Student Academic Services for Milpitas Christian School. “On-site or through Zoom meeting, the well-being of our students is always at the forefront of what we do.”

    About the Best in Silicon Valley Awards

    Nearly 6,000 votes were cast in the 19th annual Best in Silicon Valley section published June 28, 2020, in the Mercury News and online ( Readers from Silicon Valley and the East Bay responded to more than 100 different questions including health, entertainment, food, schools, and services. The accolades for MCS are described on pages S24 and S26.

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  • Private Music Lessons

    Interested in learning an instrument this summer or improving your musical skills? MCS is offering 1-on-1 lessons with Mr. Ward or Mrs. Cuthbertson via Zoom or on campus for students interested in being engaged with music over the summer. 

    Lessons for the following instruments/skills are available:
    • Piano (Beginner)
    • Guitar (Beginner, Intermediate)
    • Ukulele (Beginner)
    • Drumset (Beginner, Intermediate)
    • Bass Guitar (Beginner, Intermediate)
    • Vocals (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
    • Recorder (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
    • Flute (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
    • Clarinet (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
    • Saxophone (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
    • Trumpet (Beginner, Intermediate)
    • Trombone (Beginner, Intermediate)
    • Music theory (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) 
    For additional information, please contact either:
    Mr. Ward, Band Director:
    Mrs. Cuthbertson, Choir Director:

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  • June

    Summer Update

    Milpitas Christian School (MCS) wants to share with you updates to our summer programs. In keeping with Santa Clara County (SCC) and Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we are adjusting and moving forward to ensure continuous safety and an enjoyable place to learn and thrive.
    Summer at MCS is the best!
    • MCS is the place for students every summer!
    • Visit the MCS Website   regarding information for the summer program and registration. Boxed lunches offered by Taste Nutrition for the students, is not available through July 2. MCS will be closed on Friday, July 3 in observance of the Fourth of July!
    Summer Academic School/Summer Enrichment Cancelled
    • Summer School - July 6-July 24 (Cancelled)
    • Design Challenge, July 6-July10 (Cancelled)
    • Mathematical Mind-Benders, July 13-July 17(Cancelled)
    Summer Tutoring
    • Available now through July 24, students must be registered for at least 2 weeks of the program, with at least 2 sessions each week.
    • Sessions are offered each week M - TU, TH, - F, between 8 am - 4 pm.
    • Each daily session is 45 minutes and offered in-person and remotely.
    • The deadline to sign up for Summer Tutoring is July 10.
    • Students can participate in our Summer Tutoring program while attending Summer Day Camp.
    Summer Day Camp
    • Available July 6 - July 31, registration is open.
    • The deadline to sign up for Summer Day Camp is June 29.
    • Our daily schedule includes fun, inside/outside activities, crafts, no-bake cooking and water activities.
    • Field trips availability based on SCC and CDC compliance.
    In order to make changes to your student's current registered schedule, please send emails to Once changes are made you will receive a confirmation email.
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  • Summer Programs: Starting On-site

    Summer Day Camp (K-9th grades) is now meeting at on-site at Milpitas Christian School's Birchwood campus. Personal Tutoring is available on-site and remote (via Zoom).

    Our popular outdoor field trips are a safe, healthy way to experience the Summer. On Wednesday, June 17, our day campers enjoyed miniature golf at Golfland in Milpitas. For the protection of the students and staff, face masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing are required. Students are segmented into small groups per public health guidelines.

    View the photo album.

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  • May

    Preschool Students to Return July 6

    We are excited to welcome our preschool children back to our campus on July 6th! We will continue our Summer Program on our campus from July 6-July 31. We are looking forward to offering both our full- and part-time programs to our students. We look forward to seeing you!

    Safety Protocols and Preparation

    • We have been in contact with the Department of Social Services and will follow all directives and protocols they require to have a successful re-opening and ensure the safety of your children. 
    • Recently, Christ Community Church had the entire campus fogged and disinfected, including all playground areas. Preschool staff will be washing and cleaning all toys in the next few weeks to provide a safe and healthy classroom for your child.

    Remote Learning to Continue in June

    • We will be offering our summer remote learning through July 2nd as we “Explore the United States.” This will be open to our current remote learners, and hope to have more children join us as we learn about our great country!
    • We are researching our ability to offer both remote and on-site learning options for our parents.
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  • Competing in a Virtual Science Fair

    Milpitas Christian School Students Showcase Research at the
    2020 Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship (SVSTC)
    SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – One week before the prestigious Synopsys Championship Science Fair at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, aspiring scientists and engineers were informed that the fair would be changed to online. For the middle school students from Milpitas Christian School in the competition, this was the time to practice their creative problem-solving skills.

    After the county of Santa Clara banned large gatherings of people, the Synopsys Championship organizers decided it was time to have their first virtual Science Fair. Suddenly all the text, graphics, photos, and videos that would have been shown on a display board or notebook would need to be scanned and uploaded. A panel of judges would now be evaluating the materials and presentations of each student through a video conference.

    MCS Participants in the Synopsys Championship

    Six eighth-graders from Mr. Eric Cho’s science class were accepted into the Synopsys Championship.
    • Bowie C., The Growth of Moss Under Different Growing Conditions
    • Terry H. and William T., Up, Up, and Away: A Quantitative Analysis On The Most Efficient Airfoil Type
    • Justin H., Using A Grating Spectrometer to Study the Effectiveness of Blue Light Blocking Glasses
    • Josephine K., Which Food Wrap Will Delay Food Decay the Longest?
    • Himani M., Bioplastic from Root Vegetables and Its Effect on Tensile Strength, Water Permeability, and Biodegradability
    The annual Synopsys Championship showcases students in the Santa Clara County of California who will become our future scientists, technology experts, engineers, and mathematicians. This regional competition celebrates achievement by middle and high school students supported by their parents, teachers, and schools. MCS students competed against public and prestigious private middle schools from Cupertino, Santa Clara, San Jose, Campbell, and Milpitas.

    MCS Winners

    Terry H. and William T. jointly received the 2nd Award in the Physical Science and Engineering Category for Up, Up, and Away: A Quantitative Analysis On The Most Efficient Airfoil Type.

    Himani M. received a total of six awards in the Physical Science and Engineering category for Bioplastic from Root Vegetables and Its Effect on Tensile Strength, Water Permeability, and Biodegradability:
    • 1st Award, Physical Science and Engineering Category
    • Nominated to compete in the Broadcom MASTERS, 8th Grade. This national science fair is scheduled for October 2020 in Washington, D.C.
    • Qualified for California Science & Engineering Fair (CSEF). Originally scheduled for April 2020 in Los Angeles, but has been cancelled due to COVID-19 crisis.
    • 2nd Place award and certificate from American Society of Civil Engineers- San Jose Branch
    • 2nd Place award and certificate from ASM International, A Society for Materials, Santa Clara Valley Chapter
    • Middle School award and recognition from Northern California Institute of Food Technologists (NCIFT)

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  • National Day of Prayer - May 7, 2020

    Let's join in prayer for our nation. View video
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  • April

    Remote Learning Status Announcement

    Due to the current safety protocols set forth in the shelter-in-place orders, MCS students will continue in Remote Learning and will not return to campus for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. As a school community, we are going to do our part in beating this pandemic and we are going to keep our students loved, challenged, and growing.
    God is in control and will never leave us or forsake us, especially when we face trials such as the COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place.
    Planning for End of School Year
    • MCS is in the process of planning important year-end activities such as 8th Grade Graduation, Volunteer Appreciation, awards ceremonies, etc.
    • Our team will put every ounce of effort in making our year-end activities flavored with the MCS tradition that we all know and love.
    Summer Programs
    • Option A: If the shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted prior to the start of our scheduled summer programs, MCS will provide summer programs on campus with required safety guidelines.
    • Option B: If the shelter-in-place restrictions have not been lifted prior to the start date of our scheduled summer programs, MCS will provide remote summer experiences.
    • As soon as we can, we will send out information to help you plan.
    The 2020-21 School Year Begins August 12, 2020
    • We are planning and we will be ready for both Option A and Option B:
    • Option A - school is back in session with guidelines and safety practices and we will return to the campus as we have done in the past!
    • Option B - remote learning will continue until the shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted. 
    • Our plans will be based upon the government mandates and CDC guidelines.
    • Our 4th-grade students missed their Outdoor Education Experience and our teachers are planning two ODE's for next year! Stay tuned. 
    • This summer, we will continue with Lions, Dinners, and Roars to keep our families connected and informed of our planning.
    MCS Academic Focus for 2020-21
    • As you know, MCS has determined that a major priority for next year is to focus upon STEAM as we further equip our students in the areas of innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and grit (learning to persevere even if we do not succeed the first time).
    • Our Preschool through 8th-grade science program will involve hands-on learning experiences as our students will see that learning science is fun!
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  • Are Preschoolers Ready for Remote Learning?

    Milpitas Christian School Continues Teaching Academics, Social, and Other Essential Skills

    When preschools are closed due to COVID-19, are young children ready for
    remote learning? The teachers at Milpitas Christian Preschool have been conducting remote classes for 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds for several weeks. There is a significant adjustment period for the children, parents, and teachers. Remote learning helps continue the development of critical early childhood skills (academic, social, and emotional learning). This helps children to become confident and competent learners.

    MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- When schools are closed, parents suddenly need to become the “preschool teachers” for their school-aged children. Elementary and middle school students seem comfortable with technology and remote learning, but what about preschool-aged children? Are 2-, 3- and 4-year-old children ready for video-based lessons at home?

    “I’m pleased that our teachers are able to continue engaging and training our young students,” explained Sheila Tanimura, Preschool Director for Milpitas Christian Preschool. “Through remote learning, our young ones are excited about school. They enjoy seeing their teachers and interacting with other students.”

    Ready for Zoom Remote Learning?
    When the shelter-in-place first began, parents received a packet of tools and resources for their child to use at home. These included coloring pages, worksheets, and flashcards for home study. The detailed daily schedule suggested activities for each age level. Even when schools are closed, parents can set up regular schedules and activities to supply the framework and expectations for their children. “Consistency is important in helping young children feel secure and safe,” explained the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

    After a few weeks, parents and teachers agreed it was time for Milpitas Christian Preschool to add video meetings to the remote learning experience. “This was a new experience for teachers and parents,” shared Mrs. Tanimura. “Children are the same, but communication takes a different format. Children may not do everything correctly, but we can give them the time and support they need to grow into this.”

    “This year has been about trying to make sure my son is on the right course for kindergarten come Fall 2020,” described April, a mom of a 4.5-year-old. “COVID-19 shut down our preschool, but Milpitas Christian Preschool bounced back quickly. Now he can see the faces of his friends from home. His teacher emails the parents the weekly worksheets, then spends about 45 minutes each morning going over academic standards. This structure is helping my 4-year old work on his attention skills and gives him interaction with people outside our house.”

    For the 2s, a nearby parent can provide guidance during the zoom meeting. With the 3s and 4s getting more comfortable with this new way of learning, parents may be able to get back to their own work. “There has definitely been an adjustment period,” continued April. “We are very grateful for his loving teacher who patiently works with the class as they work to establish a whole new learning environment. The communication from both the teacher and admin team at the preschool has helped smooth our worries. This transition has not been easy for anyone, but having a daily check-in is very valuable for our active little boy.”

    Continuing Development of Critical Early Childhood Skills
    Since young children grow and develop so quickly, missing even a month is huge. Missing several months of school can reduce their skills. Research shows that students who take summer breaks lose some of their development in reading and math during their “summer slide.” Even a ten- to twelve-week break is the equivalent of losing one month of classroom learning. “Remote learning can maintain and grow the skills they’ve already learned,” added Mrs. Tanimura. “This helps children to become confident and competent learners.”
    “I feel like the pace is good and it’s surprising how much can get done in the hour on a zoom call (especially with almost 4-year-olds),” commented Hillary, a mom of a 3.5-year-old. “I’m pleasantly surprised with how much you guys are able to accomplish. It’s important for me to maintain a sense of structure so all the hard work you guys have done in the past year doesn’t come undone!”

    “Milpitas Christian Preschool emphasizes educating the whole child,” elaborated Clark Gilbert, Head of School for Milpitas Christian School. “During these crucial early years of development, our teachers help children to grow intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. We’re excited to see them enjoy school and develop a love for learning.”
    About Milpitas Christian School
    As an independent, non-denominational Christ-centered school, Milpitas Christian School welcomes all families. Students with open hearts and spirits will find a safe environment to ask tough questions and pursue their spiritual quest. MCS accepts students of all races and nationalities and does not discriminate in any of its programs based on gender, race, or national origin.

    Founded in 1974, MCS seeks to transform lives for Christ through excellence in education, relationships, and service. For over 45 years, MCS has educated thousands of preschool, elementary, and middle school students on its Milpitas and San Jose, California campuses. MCS holds dual accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
    For more information or to arrange a campus tour (in-person or virtual), visit or call (408) 945-6530 x11209.

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  • 8th Grader Finds Ways to Protect Workers at Milpitas Food Pantry

    Terry H., a middle school student from Milpitas Christian School, learned about a critical need to protect community frontline workers at the local food bank, Milpitas Food Pantry. After some online research, he adapted a face shield design and began printing it using his new 3D printer. After working late into the night, he completed his first two face shields--less than 24 hours from the time he first heard about the need.

    With the critical supply shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), how do food banks protect their workers? Terry H., a middle school student, learned about the critical need to protect community frontline workers and immediately took action.

    “I wanted to help others,” explained Terry H., an eighth-grader who attends Milpitas Christian School. “I researched YouTube videos and adapted a face shield design using available materials.”

    Putting his newly purchased 3D printer to work, Terry 3D printed the parts of the face shield in about 6 hours. Working late into the night, Terry assembled all the pieces. In less than 24 hours since he first heard about the need, Terry had completed two face shields.

    Donation to Milpitas Food Pantry
    The next day, Terry donated his two face shields to the Milpitas Food Pantry.

    The Milpitas Food Pantry is a faith-based, non-profit organization that distributes emergency food and food assistance to more than 3,500 low- and fixed-income people. The majority of their clients are families with children and seniors.

    Lessons Learned
    “MCS taught me how to visualize the solution in 3D,” commented Terry. “Even people with limited experience can easily research the problem, find a design, and create a solution that can help people.”

    “Terry truly exemplifies the MCS spirit,” praised a parent of Terry’s classmate. “He truly demonstrates the innovation and resourcefulness of the MCS kids.” It’s exciting to see Christian values incorporated into the hearts of young students. “This is what Christian values are about: serve God and serve the community,” she added.

    “It’s awesome to see how our emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is shaping young minds to be creative and complex thinkers,” said Clark Gilbert, Head of School for Milpitas Christian School. “While our classrooms are closed during this public health crisis, students like Terry continue to learn remotely—and put their knowledge into practice. They are true community contributors who use their talents and abilities to benefit the communities they live in.”

    About Milpitas Christian School
    As an independent, non-denominational Christ-centered school, Milpitas Christian School (MCS) welcomes all families. Students with open hearts and spirits will find a safe environment to ask tough questions and pursue their spiritual quest. MCS accepts students of all races and nationalities and does not discriminate in any of its programs based on gender, race, or national origin.

    Founded in 1974, MCS seeks to transform lives for Christ through excellence in education, relationships, and service. For over 45 years, MCS has educated thousands of preschool, elementary and middle school students on its Milpitas and San Jose, California campuses. MCS holds dual accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
    For more information or to arrange a campus tour (in-person or virtual), visit or call (408) 945-6530 x11209.

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  • Engaging Students with Remote Learning

    The challenge of offering quality instruction during shelter-in-place
    How do you educate children when the school needs to be closed? That was the challenge faced by the teachers at Milpitas Christian School (MCS) when the coronavirus (COVID-19) began spreading in California.
    After weeks of planning and training, it was now time to move teaching from the classroom to the homes.

    “Our advanced preparation with technology specialists, teachers and parents allowed our school to be ready for remote learning,” explained Clark Gilbert, Head of School for Milpitas Christian School. “We were truly blessed when funds from our Annual Fund allowed us to upgrade many of our computers, network infrastructure, and software licenses to accommodate our new distance learning requirements.”

    Preparation is Everything
    “Following 2-3 weeks of intensive training before the closure, we were ready,” explained Debbie Castle, Middle School Teacher at Milpitas Christian School. “Teachers were up and running with remote learning within 36 hours of the formal shelter-in-place order. We picked up our lesson plans right where we left off and began working with students from their homes.”

    On the last Friday before the temporary school closure, parents were asked to pick-up their students at the end of the school day. Depending on the grade levels and individual needs, students were also issued resource packs, textbooks, and Chromebooks.

    Parents have been surprised how quickly and smoothly MCS transitioned into remote learning. “In the blink of an eye, everything happened so fast as if a whirlwind passed through our lives,” described one mom of an MCS student. “I have to say I was thoroughly impressed that MCS was one of the first schools in line to make announcements and have a full plan in place for the school closure.”

    Typical Remote Learning for Elementary and Middle School Students
    Each school day, students start their day with a homeroom meeting through Zoom video conferencing. After teachers greet the class, students have the opportunity to see and interact with each other. Students may break into smaller groups to think, pair, and share.

    Daily lessons are posted in Google Classroom. The assignments may include:
    • Watching video lessons that have been taught and recorded by teachers. When students answer questions embedded in the media, the teacher can confirm each one’s understanding of the material.
    • Responding to challenging questions and quizzes.
    • Uploading written work by scanning or taking photos.

    When students need extra help, they may reach their teacher through email, Google Classroom or even arrange for a one-on-one time through Zoom.

    The vast majority of middle school students are engaged and getting their work done. For some, it’s a learning process to manage their time and flexibility. With twenty years of teaching at MCS, Mrs. Castle notes, “MCS students have shown themselves to be very motivated to learn.”

    One MCS parent with an elementary grade student commented, “Seeing [my son] in Zoom meetings and doing a full scope of computer work is quite the sight. He seems like a working professional. For his age, I am totally blown away.”
    Teaching Younger Students
    After refining the process for teaching students in the elementary and middle school levels, MCS began an ambitious plan last week to engage transitional kindergarten (TK) and primary school students. This week preschoolers began using Zoom video conferencing for the very first time.

    “Our TK students are learning new skills,” described Tammy Terry, a TK Teacher at Milpitas Christian School. “These young ones start by learning when and how to interact with their classmates. When sharing during show-and-tell, the little ones are understanding how to keep their faces (not just their foreheads) visible on the screen. As they hold objects up to the camera, it’s amazing to see their response when interacting with each other over the video.”

    Going Beyond the Classroom
    In the days and weeks ahead, teachers will be gradually increasing video teaching time with the students. One significant advantage of recorded lessons is that students can replay any portion. This allows them to effortlessly confirm that they’ve heard something clearly and to take better notes. Recorded lessons also let parents see and hear how their children learn among their peers.

    Remote learning adds a powerful new dimension for younger students. With a video camera at home, show-and-tell is elevated to another level. “So far, we’ve seen pets (dogs and cats) plus baby brothers during the sharing,” explained Mrs. Terry. “Several kids were excited to give a tour of their room and home, too.”

    Since TK students learn by doing and watching, Mrs. Terry wanted to make sure her students could continue their full learning and development—even at home. After assembling packets with printed lessons and resources, she personally drove to the homes of her students to drop off the personalized bags. “I missed seeing my students,” stated Mrs. Terry. “When I rang the doorbell, some children answered the door with their parents, and we could wave to each other from a safe distance. For those with video doorbells, I could even leave a short video message for them.”

    One TK parent, completely surprised by this special delivery, effused, “You are a Rockstar making these deliveries to families! Thank you for all that you do to go above and beyond!”

    Milpitas Christian School will continue offering remote learning for its students through the duration of the shelter-in-place order. At this time, subject to change by the local health authorities, the Bay Area’s edict is scheduled to be lifted after May 3.

    Full Press Release

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  • March

    School Closure Extended to May 4 or 5

    Shelter in Place Extended
    • Santa Clara County officials have now extended the Bay Area Shelter in Place through May 3rd.
    • At this time, we are planning to re-open the Birchwood campus on May 4th or 5th. We will keep you informed.
    • Our re-opening plans will be based on the information we receive from Santa Clara County officials closer to May 3rd.
    Remote Learning Calendar
    • MCS will continue Remote Learning through Friday, May 1st.
    • There are 18 more school days until May 1st
    Return to Campus
    • Our prayers and hopes are to see our students return to the Birchwood campus on Monday, May 4th, and to resume all school activities (before, during, and after school).
    • Safety first, of course! We miss our students and we want them back on campus when it is safe for the Shelter in Place to be lifted.
    Good Friday & Easter Break
    • The entire MCS organization will be closed for Good Friday, April 10th.
    • The scheduled Easter Break for the Birchwood campus is April 13th through April 17th.
    With Easter season ahead of us, the Resurrection of Christ is central in reminding us that God is always with us and provides each one of us an abundant life no matter what difficult circumstances we face. Please continue to pray for those who have been afflicted as well as for those who are serving in this difficult time.
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  • Free Streaming Video Service

    MCS offers many ways to serve and support our school community through integration of our faith. With thousands of videos, RightNow Media (aka, "Netflix of Video Bible Studies") provides instant access to videos  from your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s compatible with Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast on your TV as well.

    Open your free account.

    ANYONE connected to MCS, including families, alumni, their kids, grandparents, and even alumni grandparents! You'll find more than 20,000 video Bible studies, leadership videos, conference sessions, and resources on parenting, marriage, discipleship, and more. There's no cost or obligation; MCS has paid the subscription fee for everyone.
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  • Temporary School Closure - Updated 3/16

    Milpitas Christian School taking preventative action to minimize the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on our students and staff. We will be temporarily closing both the Preschool and Birchwood campuses starting Monday, March 16, 2020. Remote Learning will begin on Wednesday, March 18, for Preschool and TK-8th grades.

    • Our target re-start date for the Preschool and Birchwood (TK-8th) campuses will now be Tuesday, April 7, 2020 (per county order for "shelter-at-home issued 3/16/20)
    • We will continue to assess the situation and provide regular updates to the target re-start date. 
    • To the best of our knowledge, no member of the MCS community was diagnosed with COVID-19.
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  • February

    Madison to Compete at ACSI Spelling Bee

    Fifth-grader Madison C. will be traveling to Pasadena, California to compete in the ACSI Regional Spelling Bee on February 29, 2020. She's excited to represent Milpitas Christian School. Her competition will include all the district winners from California and Hawaii.
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  • January

    Boys Volleyball

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  • Girls Soccer

    Come support the Girls Soccer team at our Birchwood home field. Our home games are on:
    • 1/30
    • 2/10
    • 2/11
    • 2/13
    • 2/25
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  • Singapore Math Drives Achievement at MCS

    Milpitas Christian School's decision to adopt Singapore Math for the elementary grades has helped the students to perform significantly higher than the national norm on standardized achievement tests. Singapore Math prepares students to understand numerical relationships, concept skills, and data analysis with problem-solving.
    Students showed strong performance across all objectives, including reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and spelling.
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  • MCS Wins 11 “Best of Milpitas” Accolades

    Best Preschool, Best Tutoring / Educational Center
    Best Private School Principal / Director, Most Community Minded
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