Preschool Students to Return July 6

We are excited to welcome our preschool children back to our campus on July 6th! We will continue our Summer Program on our campus from July 6-July 31. We are looking forward to offering both our full- and part-time programs to our students. We look forward to seeing you!

Safety Protocols and Preparation

  • We have been in contact with the Department of Social Services and will follow all directives and protocols they require to have a successful re-opening and ensure the safety of your children. 
  • Recently, Christ Community Church had the entire campus fogged and disinfected, including all playground areas. Preschool staff will be washing and cleaning all toys in the next few weeks to provide a safe and healthy classroom for your child.

Remote Learning to Continue in June

  • We will be offering our summer remote learning through July 2nd as we “Explore the United States.” This will be open to our current remote learners, and hope to have more children join us as we learn about our great country!
  • We are researching our ability to offer both remote and on-site learning options for our parents.