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Unmotivated students will not be effective learners. When children become disinterested, they disconnect from the class. They won’t pay attention, participate or retain information. In some cases a single student may become disruptive and impact the entire class.

For every teacher, engaging students is one of the most important challenges. When children are motivated, pay attention and participate in the class, it’s a joy for students and teachers alike. Self-motivated students have a natural love for learning, but great teachers can inspire students to stretch and reach their God-given potential.

At Milpitas Christian School (MCS), our teachers, coaches and specialists know how to activate each child's innate curiosity to explore and to learn. Our award-winning Learning Lab is a place where students can come to get help with homework or to receive assistance with building skills needed to be successful in learning and in life. In addition to the mainstream students we meet with, we offer support and services to those students struggling with mild to moderate learning disabilities. Our main priority is to help students feel treasured, supported and validated - without that, learning cannot take place.

Motivating Students

Get our free guide: 5 Proven Ways to Motivate Students. Learn about the techniques and “best practices” used by experienced teachers in TK/K through 8th grade at MCS.

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