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Milpitas Christian School (MCS) has two plans in place for student learning due to COVID-19 restrictions, one for on-campus cohort learning, and the other for remote learning. Our current desire is to have students in grades Kindergarten - 5th grade learn on-campus within stable cohort groups, with remote learning available for those students unable to attend in person. With recent campus renovation, our classrooms are double the size allowing for safe physical distance in each learning environment. 

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What happens when MCS is informed of a positive COVID-19 case?

    When the school is informed of a positive COVID-19 case among our faculty, staff, or students, the individual is mandated to quarantine and not return to campus for up to 14 days. Then, we conduct a contact tracing investigation in cooperation with the County Health Department. Every effort is made to identify any individuals who may have been “exposed” to the positive case. If a person was exposed (less than 6’ for more than 15 minutes) to the positive case, that person is also required to quarantine and not return to campus for up to 14 days. These efforts are implemented to help mitigate the chances of an outbreak and keep positive numbers to a minimum. In conjunction with our protocols on campus, this gives us the best chance of not having a large spreading event among our students, faculty, and staff.  
  • Q. Do you have safety protocols in place and are they being followed?

    Yes!  We are communicating and re-emphasizing each of the protocols with our students, faculty, and staff on a regular basis. Teachers are doing a great job maintaining distance in classrooms, requiring face coverings, and sanitizing desks. 
     Mrs. Yao is doing a great job of keeping our entire school community up to date with all current guidelines.
  • Q. What can we as parents do to help?

    You are doing a great job! Please remind your child to be responsible and follow the protocols while on campus. 
  • Q. Where can I find out about the health and wellness protocols at MCS?

    Current parents may access the parent portal in MySchoolApp and find the Resource Board, COVID - 19 and you will find all of our documents. Please review all of our weekly newsletters as well. 

    Protocols can also be found in the School Reopening Plan.
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