MCS requires school uniforms for all TK through 8th-grade students. Uniforms are common to most public and private schools in the world. Although the way students dress may seem inconsequential to the learning process, educators and supporters note these advantages:

  1. Simplifies mornings. Uniforms simplify the time for children to get ready for school. This reduces stress for both students and parents.
  2. May reduce costs. By reducing peer pressure on older students, some parents report lower clothing costs when compared to trendy and brand-name apparel.
  3. Prevents bullying. When all students dress similarly, the use of clothing as a status symbol fades. Children from more moderate families would not worry about being ostracized for wearing clothing that was not in-fashion.
  4. Identifies students. Distinctive school uniforms (especially with MCS logos) can help promote school spirit and create a sense of unity. Outside the school, students with uniforms are easier to identify, especially during field trips.
  5. Prevents gang association. It's important that parents do not inadvertently choose clothing with colors that may insinuate a gang affiliation. Wearing MCS uniforms (especially with MCS logos) gives parents the assurance that their child will not be misidentified as a gang member.

Clarification for TK-1st graders: Leggings may only be worn underneath skirts or jumpers.