Student Safety

Student Safety

Milpitas Christian School takes the physical safety and well-being of every student and employee on campus very seriously. Safety policies and procedures are found in the Student-Parent Handbook.

One of the key elements for safety on our campus is an Earthquake warning system. This system sounds when a 4.1 or larger quake is about to happen. It gives at least a 10 second warning ahead of any human feeling. 10 seconds can save a life.

Our staff are First Aid and CPR certified. They have also completed the required Mandate Reporter training as well as disaster drills. Mock disaster drills (including earthquake, active shooter, and shelter-in-place) are held every fall. Fire drills are practiced monthly.

Milpitas Christian School stays in compliance with monthly, quarterly and annual inspections.

Get Notified With Critical Information

Milpitas Christian is rolling out one of the state-of-the-art school management systems. As you enroll you will be able to tell us how you would like to be notified in case of emergency. Text, email, and voice message are just some of the options.

It is so important that we have your preference so that should an emergency arise, you know how we are responding to keep students and staff safe.

We use WeatherBug app to provide critical information to the school staff and community during rare severe weather situations.