MCS Summer Program Registration

Summer Program Registration will begin March 10, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.

Register Here!

Summer Part-Time Preschool, for 3-4 Year-Old Children only 
MCS families, enrolled during school year contact Sharon Connan or Sheila Tanimura directly

Summer School, Day Camp, & Wed. Field Trips, for K - 9th Grade Students 

Summer Tutoring, for 1st - 8th Grade Community Students

Summer Tutoring, for 1st - 8th Grade MCS Students


Required Documents for Summer Programs, K-9

** Please provide a copy, or an email attachment as pdf, or jpg of supporting documents to

** Proof of US Citizenship or Resident Status
** Immunization record, includes TB Risk assessment or equivalent

** EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) for Summer 2018 with "void check" 
** "Nut Free Zone" agreement/ acknowledgement
** "Summer Program Handbook" agreement     "Summer Program Handbook 2018" 
** "Preschool Summer Parent Commitment"
    "Elementary - Middle School Summer Parent Commitment"