Speech Meet Winners

Congratulations to our 22 outstanding students who placed first and second at the regional Speech Meet.
Our 1st to 5th grade students participated in the ACSI Speech Meet on May 4 at the Baymonte Christian School in Scotts Valley. Participating judges were Mrs. Dawson, Miss Urbach, Mrs. Aquino, Mrs. Zamora and Mr. Cervantez. Everyone did an excellent job!
1st Grade
  • Allison L., Excellent
  • Sean O., Excellent
  • Selah E., Superior
  • Makenzie T., Superior
2nd Grade
  • Mason B., Excellent
  • Jessica K., Excellent 
  • Belle L., Excellent
  • Charis W., Excellent
  • Kyle K., Superior
3rd Grade
  • Keith R., Excellent
  • Lily V., Excellent
  • Dylan O., Superior 
4th Grade
  • Frieda A., Superior 
  • Lauren F., Superior 
  • Jacob H., Superior 
  • Jonathan L., Superior
  • Atharva M., Superior
  • Daniel S., Superior
5th Grade
  • Frankiln D., Superior 
  • Jason N., Superior 
  • Pearl N., Superior
  • Ayush P., Superior
    • 1st Grade

    • 2nd Grade

    • 3rd Grade

    • 4th Grade

    • 5th Grade