The senior leadership of MCS is entrusted with the vision and mission that set the direction of the school into the future. The creation of MCS high school has been prayerfully part of that vision for many years. The high school will extend and expand its ability to serve the mission and naturally the purpose of the school.
The school will be a college preparatory, dual accredited learning institution. It will be enveloped with a Christian educational environment to serve our current MCS students and the families of eastern Silicon Valley.


A nation-wide search to identify the high school principal has been underway and is on track. The principal will exhibit strong leadership to staff, students, and community. The principal is responsible for planning and executing the administrative and educational needs of the high school.


MCHS will be located at the southern boundary of the Birchwood campus.  The first building has been authorized for lease or purchase and is expected to be in place by the summer of 2018. The MCHS freshman class will begin using the building at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. The current middle school will use the new building for STEAM studies, as well as existing curriculum.





MCHS 1st building - layout concept under consideration.
Birchwood Lane is toward the bottom of this screen, Stonewood Lane is to the top right.