Making MCS Accessible for Families

We understand that for many families, sending your child to private school is a sacrifice made to offer your son or daughter the best opportunities for their future. It is our goal to make MCS attainable to as many families as possible, and we work diligently each year to offer value to parents who are partnering with us.
We believe that what MCS offers students today has never been more important and we invite you to pursue making this possible for your child(ren). As a parent, investing in your child is of the highest importance and Milpitas Christian School desires to partner with you in your journey of providing your child with a foundation that will last a lifetime.
Milpitas Christian School provides need-based tuition assistance to families who qualify. This financial aid is not a loan; you do not need to repay the money. 

MCS works with FACTS Grants and Aid to process tuition assistance applications. As the applicant, you will provide financial information to help determine how we can best support and assist your family. Need-based tuition assistance is awarded annually, and renewal is not automatic or guaranteed as each family’s finances and our budget may vary from year to year. 
Submit your application by June 30 for the upcoming school year which begins in August. Applications are only accepted February through June for the upcoming school year.

For more information, please contact our Family Relations Manager.

Dary Turner
Phone 408-945-6530, x11209
You may also email:
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