Milpitas Christian School sets aside funds to offer financial support to families in need. This financial aid is NOT a loan; you do not need to re-pay the money.
Submit your application by June 30, 2020 for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year starting in August. Applications are only accepted February through June for the upcoming school year.

MCS uses an outside vendor called Confidential Financial Services (CFS) to process all applications. As the applicant, you will provide financial information to help determine how we can best support and assist your family. Feel free to contact the Business Office with your questions at any time.

Steps to Take

  1. Visit the CFS website and choose "Create a New Account." Click "Download an application" to view  document and directions. Worksheets are provided for those that are self employed. Hard copies are available in our business office.
  2. In your application, please use "Milpitas Christian School" and the registration number 56530. Submit your application and $40 fee to CFS.
  3. CFS may subsequently request documentation or additional information, such as (but not limited to) IRS Form 1040, pay stubs, or an explanation in changes of income or debt. Once these documents are submitted and verified by CFS, your status will be communicated to the school.
  4. The Financial Aid Committee reviews applications regularly and once an award is determined you will be notified by mail. This process takes about two weeks.
  5. Once awarded, the applicant will sign and return notification agreeing to the discounted tuition rate. If there are questions about your award, please contact our Business Office.