Science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEM/STEAM) are essential elements for developing future leaders. At Milpitas Christian School, students are challenged to set their cornerstone on Christ and imagine how they can transform their world.

  • Science. A large selection of resources support students with varied learning styles. Next generation science standards. Earth science. Life science. Physical science. Science Fair, including Synopsys Science, Engineering & Technology Championships
  • Technology. We prepare students to be strong digital citizens. Projects feature technologies that span courses and can be embedded into their schoolwork. Students start with Bee-bots and advance to LEGO Mindstorms and robotics competitions.
  • Engineering. Our program is inquiry-based, engaging students with enthusiasm and interest. Students embed productivity, multi-media and scripting/coding into their schoolwork.
  • Arts. Students develop their musical, artistic interests and talents through visual and performing arts. Choirs and bands perform at musical events (including Disneyland) and festivals.
  • Math. The dual-track curriculum helps students of varying aptitudes. Our advanced track with pre-algebra, algebra 1 and geometry is ideal for those who are ready to be challenged. Students also compete at the Math Olympics.