Welcome to Middle School!

Milpitas Christian School’s Middle School Program for 6th through 8th grades offers students the flexibility to personalize their curriculum. During the shelter-in-place, MCS  is committed to helping students continue their development of academic skills and nurture social-emotional learning. Although in-person instruction will never be perfectly replicated, our hope is to ensure our students and staff will have a balanced and safe remote learning environment. Learn more

Our curriculum goes beyond remembering facts and understanding context. By providing a framework to develop higher-order thinking skills (analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing information), students can reach a position, make a decision or support their belief. Extracurricular programs include competitive athletics and performing arts. Outdoor Education offers a focus on earth science (Sausalito for 6th grade), life science plus community service (Scotts Valley for 7th grade) and leadership (Washington, D.C. and Hume Lake for 8th grade). Graduating eighth graders have a smooth transition into elite private high schools and rigorous public high schools.

Let us share with you how educating the whole child with a Christ-centered focus can make all the difference for your child.

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