Our enthusiastic teachers organize activities to keep students excited about coming to Milpitas Christian School.

1st Grade

  • Thanksgiving Feast - an amazing meal prepared by their parents. This is a time to be reminded of the thngs God has given us
  • Lemondade Stand - the childhood dream of selling lemonade! First graders sell refreshing lemonade to raise money for a women's shelter
  • Pizza My Heart - this field trip introduces students to the art of making a pizza. Watching a pizza being made is really cool; getting to eat the pizza is even better
  • Christmas Program - 1st graders join other grades in their performance

2nd Grade

  • Fire Station - take a trip to meet heroes inside those big red trucks! Second graders visited a fire station and some even tried on the uniform!
  • Friendship Feast - yummy food and good friends! It's always fun to share with classmates and give thanks to God for what we have
  • Fun Activities - learning isn't boring, it's fun! Especially when doing hands-on learning activities with friends

3rd Grade

  • Recycling Facility - ever wonder where all those recycled papers and plastic bottles go? The 3rd-grade class field trip to the facility shows the process of recycling and the environmental benefits
  • Tech Museum - Beep bloop blap beep! Let's build a robot or experiment with ink. The Tech Museum helps 3rd graders to be tech-savvy as they explore different exhibits with their friends. Everything is super interactive--and hands-on!

4th and 5th Grade Musical

  • Music and entertainment provided by the 4th and 5th graders.
  • In 2019, "Danny & the Shacks" presented the story of Daniel (Daniel 3:27-28, Daniel 6: 19-22)

4th Grade

  • Rancho Day - yeehaw, it's Rancho Day at MCS! Sing, dance, and do crafts. Grab your partner and swing them round and round. That's a nice cornhusk doll
  • San Juan Bautista - 4th graders enjoy a field trip to learn about California missions in San Juan Bautista
  • Biography Project - one of our most popular projects. Students research an important historical figure, dress up as him/her, and give a presentation. Is that Amelia Earhart?

5th Grade

  • Outdoor Education - 5th graders go on a three-night trip to learn about animals, plants, survival skills, space, and God! It's super cool, fun, and safe
  • Spanish - 5th graders get to learn Spanish from Mrs. Gonzalez.
  • Colonial Day - our popular 5th-grade tradition is a highlight for the year. Students dress like colonials, have a tea party, make candles, learn to sew, and play games

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  • Academic Competitions

    The following events are open to students in grades 1-5. Advanced levels of some competitions are fee-based.
    • Spelling Bee
    • Creative Writing
    • Speech Meet
    • Art Festival
    • Math Olympics (3rd – 5th only)
  • Resource Lab

    Tutoring services are available through the Resource Lab for students needing academic assistance. Available services include individual subject tutoring, English language learner support, learning disability support, and test proctoring. All services are fee-based.
  • Renaissance Club

    Students in grades 3-5 who have been identified as gifted are invited to participate in an after school enrichment program. Course offerings vary from year to year. Previously offered courses include art, Odyssey of the Mind competition, website design, and forensic/science based investigations. Participation in this program is fee-based.
  • Instrumental band

    Students in 4th and 5th grades are invited to participate in beginning band. Participation in this program is fee-based.